Rapid prototyping for all kinds of interactive 2D/3D applications as well as games.

Turn your game ideas and concepts into a functional prototype, playable on mobile devices, desktop computers and all other relevant platforms.

Test game mechanics and gameplay and ensure a game concept is fun and playable before starting full development cycle

UI Development for Mobile & Desktop platforms.

This is a collection of my applications and game prototypes. Some of the prototypes evolved in full blown apps and some of them are still under development. Unless stated differently in the description for each app/game below, games are made from beginning to the end as a process of learning and for various partnerships, companies and personal projects.

Mirko Jugurdzija/Senior Unity3D/C# Developer (LinkedIn)

Surreal Tales RPG Hack and Slash

Follow three timelines for Barbarian, Ogre or Elf. Fight your way through the surreal world enveloped by darkness and fulfill your destiny! Collect coins during the game, buy and upgrade weapons, abilities and boosters. After each story line level where you need to fight your way through to the boss to defeat him there is a bonus level where you need to fight off several waves of enemies, get more coins and prepare for the next level.

Senior Unity3D developer: Mirko Jugurdzija | Junior Unity3D developer: Nemanja Pribilovic


Epic Boss Fighter

Epic Boss Fighter - Bullet hell (Desktop). Fight your way through levels and apply the right tactics to defeat various bosses.

3D Anatomy

A free 3D educational guide to the human skeletal and muscular anatomy (available also as FREE web app and for Windows/MacOS desktop as well) featuring an advanced interactive 3D touch interface. Wikipedia and Gray's anatomy info available. One of the most popular anatomy apps on Android with near one million downloads.


FlipIt! Game Prototype

FlipIt - GAME OF EXTREME FLIPS! Solve puzzles and work your way through the levels from easy to hard. Flip splines in that way to include good and exlude bad parts from the shape.

Online version (Unity3D Webplayer plugin required)

3D Platform Game Prototype - Cuber

Platform game prototype featuring 3d levels built with cubes. Collect items, avoid enemies, find your way through the maze. Left controller is for moving player while right controller for pushing cube blocks as well for firing

Online version (Unity3D Webplayer plugin required) | WebGL (Firefox/Chrome/Safari no plugin)

Bogdan's Revenge

Bogdan's Revenge is the mobile game I was working on with Bincode Entertainment. Improve, earn, invest and fight off the most horrific plague the world has ever seen. As a senior Unity3D developer I was involved in creating framework for RPG games, game architecture, developing UI systems,implementing character controllers and pretty much every other aspect of the game. (Alpha test https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.bincode.bogdansrevenge)

PLATFORMER Game Prototype!

Although it is designed for mobile devices with gyroscope controls by tilting left and right for this demo you can use Left and Right arrows to control the jumper! Collect gems and then replace them for items in the store or go to the store and collect parachutes, shields and flashlights to help you successfully finish the level!

Online version (Unity3D Webplayer plugin required)


Unit Converter App

Unit converter is free interactive app for converting and exploring units featuring clean and easy to use interface. Convert from many units and learn what each unit represent. Currently available unit categories: Angle, Area, Density, Electric current, Energy, Force, Length, Power, Pressure, Speed, Time, Volume, Weight/Mass...

Google Play



This game is designed for mobile devices with two simultaneous joystick controls for steering (left joystick) and shooting (right joystick) and it is not entirely suitable for keyboard controls. Choose your spaceship and shoot your way through the level!

Online version (Unity3D Webplayer plugin required)

UI Prototype for Cuber game

UI Prototype for Cuber Game3D UI as matching style for 3D Cuber platform game

Online version (Unity3D Webplayer plugin required)

Chemistry Quiz - Interactive

Chemistry Quiz featuring rich and interactive interface different from usual boring quiz applications. Chemistry forumulas, structure and molecules as well as interactive UIs

Online version (Unity3D Webplayer plugin required)

Protein Data Bank (PDB) 3d viewer

Simple Protein data bank (PDB) molecular viewer

Online version (Unity3D Webplayer plugin required)

Chemistry Flash Cards

Free, interactive and easy to use flash cards as a perfect companion for chemistry stuidies Currently available flash card categories : Chemical Elements, Periodic Table, Polyatomic Ions

Google Play


UI Design

Various UI/UX design ranging from games to educational apps

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